Why are some people so unfocused and inefficient at work?

“How many credits can I get for this piece of trash?” growled the heavyset man as he aggressively shoved his dented android forward towards the ominous looking Scrapper.

As the servile robot collapsed helplessly on the ground, it cried out, “Master…. p-p-please pardon me! Wh-What did I do to deserve to be s-s-scrapped?”

“I paid 1000 credits for you! Your state-of-the-art lithium battery is supposed to last 72 hours of active servitude on a single charge. But after a single week, you have to rest and recharge every 3 hours! You are a piece of trash!” barked the master angrily as he kicked the robot directly in the ribcage.

The robot flinched and let out a ragged squeal from its metallic voice box.

“STOP!” bellowed the Scrapper authoritatively. It’s big, glowing robotic eye peered down at the helpless android and then at the pudgy bald man. It’s tattered black robes whipped wildly about in the desert air. The scrapper’s exposed torso was a complex network of machinery and man. With its long plasma staff extending threateningly at the grubby man, the scrapper whispered threateningly, “One more word out of your mouth and you will be the one who will be scrapped today.”

The fat man instantly stumbled back in fear.

As the Scrapper hovered over the quivering android, he scanned all of its components and parts. And to his surprise, he discovered that the battery was fully functional. Instead the problem lay in the hundreds of blown fuses in the robot’s mind. The power that normally was supposed to be channeled towards the robot’s daily tasks were instead being redirected and discharged out of these blown-out fuses. The battery was not broken. This robot’s abused mind was instead.

There are many people who are very inefficient in their work. They get tired easily and assume they need more rest. But even after countless naps and coffee breaks, they still operate at merely a fraction of their potential. For all their mind’s energy and focus is being continually sapped by the blown-out “fuses” and emotional scars on their mind. Only when these fuses get attended to will a person be able to operate at their full efficiency once again.



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Samuel Hong

Samuel Hong

I believe writing is a form of art. It shouldn’t just enrich the mind, but it should also touch the heart and your soul as well. #mentalhealth #relationships