What is the most dangerous weapon in our world?

“Suit up you measly maggots!” barked the burly centurion has he stormed through the camp upon his restless stallion. “The Persians forces are coming!” ⁣

Groggy legionaries began to frantically scramble out of their rain-drenched tents. Crimson red tunics were quickly draped over their shivering and muddy bodies. And they began the laborious task of heaving on their bulky plate amour. Clunky helmets were then slammed upon their heads.

“Hurry up! The battle has already begun!” screamed the centurions as they began to menacingly kick and shove their dazed recruits into formation. Heavy javelins and red rectangular shields were thrust into the legionnaires’ arms. And they were immediately marched forward into the smokey abyss of fire, blood, and chaos. ⁣

Within minutes they heard a centurion ahead of them scream “ARROWS!” A wall of shields was hastily flung above above their heads to make a makeshift roof. It felt like a hundred hammers were being slammed against their wooden shields. And when hailstorm of iron finally stopped, they hesitatingly lowered them. Just as they did, they were transfixed in terror as they stared at the faint outlines of the gigantic behemoths that were stomping towards them. ⁣

Even though none of the soldiers in that legion had yet to be pierced by an arrow, javelin or sword… they immediately dropped to the ground in sheer terror. For they had all been lethally pierced with the most powerful of all weapons… fear. ⁣

Like these Roman soldiers, we spend a lot of time meticulously strapping on layers upon layers of external pieces of armor to protect ourselves. But instead of sheets of iron, we shield our lives with education, money, reputation and the list goes on. However, our over-fixation on protecting our physical lives, often leads us to neglect guarding our emotional well-being as well. And unfortunately, this creates a huge vulnerability. For fear is the one weapon that is able to penetrate any external amour and can lethally wound any person; without ever leaving a single visible mark.



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Samuel Hong

Samuel Hong

I believe writing is a form of art. It shouldn’t just enrich the mind, but it should also touch the heart and your soul as well. #mentalhealth #relationships