How can conditions and expectations spoil a relationship?

Samuel Hong
2 min readAug 19, 2022
Photo by Vera Davidova on Unsplash

“Run! My beautiful One!” screamed the camel trainer proudly into his dust-covered walkie-talkie.

Immediately, the ears of his prized camel perked up. And it’s galloping legs pounded the desert ground with greater urgency as it thundered down the 8 kilometer race track.

“You are number 1! You are a winner! Faster! Onward to the finish line!” screamed the trainer as he waved his head scarf wildly through the open window of his SUV. Dozens of other weather-beaten vehicles raced alongside of them as they kept pace with the herd of galloping camels.

Just as the undefeated camel started to feel the familiar sting of the jockey’s whip slap wildly across its back as it neared the finish line, it got startled by the sudden sound of a deafening crack! The searing pain of a broken leg sent the camel immediately into shock as it blacked out. It crumpled lifelessly onto the desert ground.

When the camel finally reopened its eyes, it no longer saw the mob of honking trucks and SUVs that jostled bumper to bumper to stay beside them. It no longer heard the throaty snorts and angry grunts of its competitors that fought to keep pace with its mighty stride. And the crowd-filled stands that lined the last kilometer of the race track were eerily empty.

The only thing it saw was the outline of its beloved trainer, slowly walking towards it from across the horizon. As the white robbed figure drew closer and closer, the camel longed to feel the gentle and comforting touch of his trainer’s hand run along its long and slender neck. It longed to be combed tenderly with its luxurious ivory brush. And it wanted to hear the soothing words of his trainer tell him over and over again that he loved him and will always care for him.

But as his trainer drew closer to the wounded beast, he no longer held a brush in his hands. He wielded an angry and cold pistol instead. And in that instant, the camel suddenly realized all the care, attention, and love it received in the past, may never really have been genuine in the end. For real love and authentic care is always supposed to be untethered from the care-givers expectations and ultimately their demands as well.



Samuel Hong

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